The most obscure NBA jerseys on eBay

Bonus points for spelling the player’s name incorrectly!

Remember that one summer when every hipster wore a trendy 90’s NBA jersey? Of course you do! If nothing else, it was a golden era for remembering the great things about the nineties and early 2000’s. That time came and passed, but unfortunately we only got to scratch the surface of what NBA jerseys have to offer. Most of what you saw were probably Charlotte Hornets jerseys, with the occasional sprinkling in from the 1996 Dream Team, Michael Jordan and Mark Price, for some reason.

But here at Friendly Bounce, we want to prepare you in case the basketball jersey makes a comeback. And we won’t settle for anything less than the most obscure, ironic jerseys to impress your friends.

Gerald Paddio, Washington Bullets

Gerald Paddio played 74 minutes over 8 games with the Washington Bullets in 1994. So when you break it down, you’re paying almost $4.38 for each minute he played to buy this jersey off eBay. Plus, people will think that you customized a Bullets jersey for yourself and will assume your last name is Paddio, so the alias is an added value that comes with this jersey.

Tim James, Charlotte Hornets

Did you know that if you say something negative about all the Charlotte Hornets gear from your childhood that The Adjustment Bureau will show up at your house and erase the nineties from your life? Crazy, but true. Make sure you don’t let that happen by snatching up the only retro Hornets gear left: This game-worn Tim James jersey.

Shelden Williams, Atlanta Hawks

It’s been a rough few weeks for the Atlanta Hawks. But hey, the best way to deal with a rough time is to look back at a different time that was also bad but is now over. That’s where you come in with this Shelden Williams jersey to remind Hawks fans of his glorious, 117 game stint in Atlanta after being taken with the number 5 overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft.

Sean Elliott, Detroit Pistons

You forgot about that year he spent on the Pistons until just now, didn’t you? Reclaim your memories with this jersey. [Editor’s note: Am I taking crazy pills, or is Elliott’s name misspelled? Is that how irrelevant Sean Elliott the Piston is to you, universe?!]

Bob Sura, Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavalier jerseys are all the rage right now, but you can really impress Cavs fans, or stand out on the bandwagon, with this Bob Sura jersey. Lest we forget, he was in a Slam Dunk Contest, which is more than LeBron James or Kevin Love can say.

Dee Brown, Orlando Magic

“Look Jim, I don’t want to relive the past. Let’s just say mistakes were made, and I’ll definitely check the back of the jersey before I spend Tracy McGrady money on a jersey again, OK? Now can you please take this to Goodwill for me?”

Robert Horry, Phoenix Suns

At times, we all need to be reminded that no one is perfect. Even the greatest winners have something they can’t overcome. For Robert Horry, it was finding a way to lead the Suns to a championship. When you need a moment to remind yourself that no one is perfect, there is this Robert Horry Suns jersey.