Mike Trout hit in the head with rosin bag (GIF)

Courtesy of MLB.com/Cut4
Courtesy of MLB.com/Cut4 /

Mike Trout had a great night last night, which is not surprising coming from the Los Angeles Angels center fielder, but it was as entertaining as it usually is; Trout went 2-3, with a two-run home run and a triple, which led to Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre making an exception for the potential American League MVP and allowing Trout to touch his head.

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But even after an 8-5 Halos win, Trout wasn’t done making entertaining highlights for us fans to enjoy, not by a long shot.

The third-year star was the subject of the local post-game interview, and Trout unintentionally gave the fans one last highlight before calling it a night.

A rosin bag to the head.

Courtesy of MLB.com/Cut4
Courtesy of MLB.com/Cut4 /

The local reporter looks like she learned to check her head and got some dodging lessons from Beltre, but Trout isn’t as lucky. He smiles at the end and seems to realize it’s in good fun, although thankfully nobody was hit in the face.

It’s another Troutstanding season for the Angels 23-year old stud, and for the third straight season, Trout leads the league in runs scored. He’s hit a career-high 35 home runs, and leads the league with 109 RBI. If there’s one area Trout has regressed, it’s stolen bases; Trout’s steals are down this year, and the center fielder only has 14 after stealing 33 bags last season.

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