Derek Jeter’s nephew tips his cap at Yankees game (Video)

Unless you were living under a rock on Thursday night, you saw Derek Jeter end his career at Yankee Stadium — The House the Jeter Built — with a walk-off single. It was probably the most perfect way for Jeter to end his career at home, as both Yankees fans and baseball nuts will be gushing over the play for years.

But even if Jeter hadn’t hit the walk-off single to win the game for the Yankees, the night was still all about him. From tributes to standing ovations to everything in between, Yankee stadium was all about Jeter on Thursday night.

In one of the more adorable signs of respect for the Yankees legend, Jeter’s nephew tipped his cap to his uncle and melted hearts everywhere.

At the risk of sounding like a baseball mouth breather who overly romanticizes everything about the game, this fan represents why we love Jeter and the sport so much. For some reason, we all collectively decided that moments like those that happen at baseball games are historical moments that we will cherish forever. At the end of the day, Jeter was just a guy who could hit a ball with a wooden stick really well.

But this little fan, and all those that have come both before and will come after, put a face on the memories and remind us of why we cherish those we have of our own.

Plus, I mean come on this kid is just adorable.

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