VIDEO: Goran Dragic Had the Best Wedding Ever, Wore a Crown


Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic is a happily married man and has been since August of last year. He and his wife, Maja, welcomed their son into the world in November, and things seem to be going pretty well in general for Dragic. And this video of his wedding shows just how neat it is to be Goran Dragic (h/t to Sreekar Jasthi for this one):

[vimeo 99028960 w=560 h=300]

gaja / Maja & Goran Dragic / WEDDING VIDEO no.49

As with any great wedding video, we begin with a shot of the loving couple walking through a lightly-wooded clearing, all smiles and rapture as they prepare to enter holy matrimony.

Now we’re … at a castle? Is Goran Dragic royalty?

Okay, so maybe not a castle (castles generally aren’t abutted by four-lane highways), but it’s a rather impressive yet somehow still quaint church. And once inside…

Goran and Maja get crowns!

Congratulations to the new king and queen of Slovenia. Now, it’s pants-off dance-off time (poor form, guy at the table on his cell phone):

And these fine gentlemen decided to show up, because what’s a wedding without guys in creepy Joker-esque masks?

Sadly, just like that, our tour through the magical life of Goran and Maja Dragic comes to a close. The video might be of an event that’s more than a year old, but the joy shines through as if it happened yesterday. Belated congratulations, Goran and Maja, and thanks for sharing your special day with all of us.