Tampa Bay Lightning prank players with fake alternate jersey with palm trees (Video)

Teams are beginning to be more adventurous with their alternate jerseys, and some times it doesn’t always pay off. Some alternate uniforms are just horrendous.

But they bring up some opportunity to have some fun at the player’s expense. We saw Dutch soccer club Ajax prank players with horrendous fake uniforms earlier this year, and now the NHL franchise the Tampa Bay Lightning are doing the same thing.

The Lightning equipment team has a fake jersey that they show to several players with hidden cameras in the room to try and get their honest opinions on it.

The jersey isn’t the most horrendous either, just a little overboard with some palm trees. It has to be bad, but at the same time believable enough that the players would buy it.

One player seems to embrace the jersey, others offer constructive criticism without being as repulsed as the players in the Ajax version of this video.

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