Hunter Pence fires up San Francisco crowd after final regular season game (Video)

San Francisco Giants’ outfielder Hunter Pence plays baseball well. Once his days as a big league player are over, he very well might have a future as a motivational speaker.

Ever since he joined the Giants in 2012, Pence has made a name for himself with his ability to get people fired up. He has also got attention because he has a tendency to go a little bit crazy in the process. That was true in a speech he gave in the 2012 postseason in which the Giants eventually went on and won the World Series, and it was true when he celebrated the team clinching a playoff berth in 2014.

On Sunday, Pence turned his attention to a speech to fire up the home fans in San Francisco. Pence addressed those fans, asking them to participate in the team’s “Yes! Yes! Yes!” celebration from this season and inviting them to be part of their vision of a World Series championship.

Pence specifically acknowledged that the Giants have to go win the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh to earn another home game. If they do, you better believe that the San Francisco crowd is going to be on fire with excitement.

Check out Pence’s speech to the San Francisco crowd after his team’s final regular season game on Sunday below.

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