WWE rumors: The Ascension to be paired up with Bray Wyatt


The Ascension to be paired up with Bray Wyatt?

As we saw this past Monday night on RAW, the Wyatt Family appears to indeed be breaking up and going their separate ways. One week after we saw the vignette for Luke Harper going on his own, we were treated to one showing that Erick Rowan will be heading off as well to do his own thing.

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Knowing this, will Bray Wyatt now go at everything alone now, or will we see some replacements? Well, according to reports, the replacements will be coming and they’ll be coming in the form of the most dominant tag team in NXT history, the Ascension.

Via Wrestling Rumors:

"The rumor claims that WWE officials have discussed bringing The Ascension up from NXT to the WWE main roster for months. However, their debut may be far different creatively than originally planned. With Harper and Rowan unfettered from Bray Wyatt, The Ascension may be two superstars that step directly into the void the two big men will be leaving in The Wyatt Family."

We’ve all known for quite some time that the Ascension have belonged up on the main roster, but the problem was that there was no clear cut story to bring them into that would make any sort of sense.

With their characters, they would fit in rather well with Wyatt as they terrorize the tag team scene. Harper and Rowan were a good tag team, but there’s not a question that the Ascension has a lot more chemistry and could do some damage in the flailing division.

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