Tom Brady travels to Buffalo, expected to play Sunday

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Tom Brady is questionable with an ankle injury this week. He traveled to Buffalo with the team on Saturday and he is expected to play in week 6. 

The New England Patriots have Tom Brady with them as they arrive in Buffalo this weekend. Their franchise quarterback is expected to play on Sunday despite injuring his ankle in practice at the end of the week.

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This seemed obvious to most people who are familiar with the Patriots and their injury report nonsense, but this case might have been different. While Brady has spent his career listed as probable with one phantom injury or another, he is rarely listed as quesitonable. Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald explains:

"Quarterback Tom Brady is traveling to Buffalo today with the Patriots despite suffering an ankle injury during yesterday’s practice, according to a source.Even better, he doesn’t need a walking boot, indicating the injury isn’t all that serious. Brady is officially listed as questionable for tomorrow’s game against the Bills after the ankle popped up on the injury report for the first time yesterday afternoon.It’s only the fifth time Brady has been listed as questionable on an injury report, so that piqued the interest over the mystery ailment."

So maybe it was nothing all along. Maybe the walking boot was totally overkill to mess with the heads of the Buffalo Bills. That all could be true, but it seems like even the Patriots wouldn’t bother to go to that much trouble, especially since it’s just another game against the Bills.

It sounds like Brady’s status might have actually been in doubt, if briefly, and the Patriots are relieved to know that his ankle is healthy enough for him to play on Sunday.

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