Marcin Gortat Defends John Wall On PTI, Tony Korheiser Apologizes By Wearing Wall’s Shoes


Best friends forever! Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, everyone’s favorite Washington Wizards center, Marcin Gortat, played the role of stat boy on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption:

When it came time for his segment, Gortat didn’t make note of any misinformed stats but instead called out host Tony Kornheiser for disparaging Wizards point guard, John Wall:

DC Sports Bog

transcribed the full exchange:

"“Hey guys, I’m big fan of yours,” Gortat said. “But Tony, I heard you talk bad about my point guard. I’m here to verify a few things.”“All right, here’s the thing,” Kornheiser said. “I’ve said that John Wall runs way ahead of the pack and sometimes gets lost going too fast. [Wilbon’s] defended him time and time again. And we think that Wall and Beal — when he gets healthy — that’s a great backcourt.”“Yes. I like John Wall,” Wilbon said. “That’s going to be a good team this year.”"

Yesterday, Kornheiser felt the need to further apologize to Wall by putting on Wall’s new adidas sneakers and posting this on PTI’s Instagram account:

"TK sporting John Wall’s new signature shoe. #mendingfences #wizards"

Wall appreciated the apology:

Take note, if you mess with John Wall in front of Marcin Gortat and he will make sure you apologize.