Joseph Randle To Endorse Underwear Company

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Joseph Randle of the Dallas Cowboys has turned a shoplifting incident into the unlikeliest of NFL endorsements with the underwear company MeUndies.

The most important thing you can be in the year 2014 is famous.

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On any given day that you are shopping at your favorite retail store, there is a good chance that somebody is shoplifting or attempting to shoplift. It might be $10 worth of stuff and it might be $100 work of stuff, but it happens more often than you think.

In a moment that always promises to be embarrassing and uncomfortable for everybody involved, many of these people get caught. That’s what happened to Dallas Cowboys’ running back Joseph Randle this week when he was caught shoplifting underwear and cologne.

There is one big difference between Randle and the usual apprehended shoplifter, however.

By virtue of being a running back for the Dallas Cowboys and therefore being relatively famous, Randle turned his shoplifting incident into an underwear endorsement.

How nice for him.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Randle has agreed to endorse the company ‘MeUndies’:

"MeUndies — a Los Angeles based lifestyle brand that is transforming how people perceive and purchase their underwear — is now partnering with Randle, according to MeUndies head of marketing and business development, Dan King.MeUndies will pay Randle enough to help defray the cost of the $29,500 fine the Cowboys imposed on him after he was caught shoplifting last week while also supplying him with enough product that the Cowboys running back will have all the underwear he needs for a long time."

Some people noted that it was especially stupid for Randle to shoplift because he is paid an NFL salary. Even at a modest $500,000 or so by NFL standards, Randle still makes more money than most of the world, and certainly plenty to pay for underwear and cologne.

Having been caught, Randle would have been uniquely positioned to pay his fine as well. Now, thanks to MeUndies, he won’t even have to pay it. He will probably make money off his decision to shoplift.

Not a bad deal, being (a little) famous. Not a bad deal at all.

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