MLB: 4 Things You Need To Know About The 2014 World Series

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No Matter What, A Team Will Likely Be #Yosted

Ned Yost is one of the most polarizing managers in MLB right now, but during the regular season, he was often criticized for his, um, curious in-game management. The Royals have proven Yost right by winning (or have at least won in spite of his decisions), but the postseason has simply made Yost look like a genius, and even his most ardent detractors have to admit that even though his moves don’t often make any sort of sense, they’ve been working this October.

So the #Yosted hashtag that thrived in the regular season, lamenting Royals games wasted away by poor managing, has seen a surprising transformation. Now, it’s the opponents getting #Yosted. The Baltimore Orioles were his most recent victims (seriously, a sacrifice bunt with one out in the bottom of the first in Game Four of the ALCS, and it worked), and Yost seems to have found the right lineup and personnel for his smallball-infused offensive approach (aka, bunts and steals for days).

It’s no guarantee it will continue to work for the Royals, but Yost does things his way, and so far the team has responded to him. The Royals have been a success this postseason, win or lose, but part of me feels that Yost really has to win this thing to be considered a “good” manager. But seeing as there’s only two teams left standing, one of them will be likely #Yosted