New York Knicks To Try Signing Rajon Rondo, Kevin Durant?

 New York Knicks president Phil Jackson needs to find one more elite piece for his roster which could lead Rajon Rondo or Kevin Durant to New York. 

When the New York Knicks got blown out in their season opener against the Chicago Bulls, there was instant panic from every knee jerk analyst in the world. From those saying the Knicks are done already to those claiming Phil Jackson is scamming the team out of money, one loss brought serious pessimism to the Big Apple.

Then the Cavaliers were dropped by the Knicks in LeBron James’ big return and people calmed down. Still, there are eyes on the future in New York and two giant names in the NBA being circled as possible targets moving forward through the 2016 offseason.

According to Ian O’Connor of, the Knicks could pursue Rajon Rondo this year or hold off and wait to make a run at Kevin Durant in 2016.

If they don’t change their minds between now and next summer, Jackson could spend his available cash on Rajon Rondo.

Only the Knicks aren’t toppling LeBron’s Cavs with Melo and Rondo as franchise centerpieces. Of course, if Jackson played his salary-cap cards right, he could ask Anthony and the fans for one more year of patience, stuff his money under his mattress, and put the full-court press on Kevin Durant in 2016.

Since the Knicks win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in which LeBron James’ homecoming was spoiled, cooler heads have begun to prevail in New York. But no one is under the impression that the team is complete by any means as there are a ton of pieces that still need to be added to the roster.

Rondo and Durant are home run options for the Knicks but it’s not a certainty they’ll land either one in free agency. Rondo is more likely to come than Durant, but either way the Knicks clearly are in the market for another superstar at some point over the next two years.