The Dallas Stars Need To Begin Talks With Jason Spezza

The Dallas Stars could already be looking at contract renewal talks with Jason Spezza

The Dallas Stars aren’t the only team that will have a veteran forward up for contract renewal July 1st.

It’s tough enough to evaluate when talks should begin for older players when they’ve been playing for your franchise for years- when they only arrived in July, it’s even tougher.

The first month of the season is in the books, though, and the Stars seem pleased with Jason Spezza- so talks could be well underway and finished before Christmas even hits. One only has to look at the Boston Bruins to see what happens when a franchise waits too long to hold contract negotiations with a veteran- right winger Jarome Iginla is now flying around the ice in Colorado.

Spezza may only have two goals for the Stars so far, but the center has a mind-blowing ten assists to go with it- showing that he may have some value on the ice as a scorer, but he’s got far more value as a playmaker.

On a team full of high-scoring superstars such as Valeri Nichushkin and Tyler Seguin, keeping this passing center could be worth plenty of dough to the team- but hopefully, talks will start soon to keep the forward in Dallas a while longer.