Video Of Todd Gurley Signing Autographs Emerges

Todd Gurley’s potential Heisman season was cut short due to an ACL injury, but it’s the games missed to an autograph scandal that still have many talking. 

When the Georgia Bulldogs lost running back Todd Gurley to an ACL injury, it came on the heels his reinstatement following a suspension for signing some autographs. It’s an NCAA rule that will likely on day change, but Gurley was forced to fit out most of what could have been his best season of football ever.

Some have even disputed if the autographs exists, much like what happened to Jameis Winston. But all those doubting the validity of the Gurley autographs got dealt a blow on Tuesday when video evidence was made available to those in the know.

According to ESPN, there is video evidence of Georgia running back Todd Gurley signing the autographs that then got him suspended by the NCAA for violating their rule against doing such a thing.

The man who captured the image and the autographs didn’t mean any harm by it, and simply wanted to verify that he was getting the authentic autographs from Gurley.

“I can’t change any of that stuff — any of those emails, me talking to the school, how it was handled — I can’t change any of that … I never wanted to screw over Gurley. I never wanted to screw over their fans or anything like that. That was never my intention. I wish I had never even gone down there. It’s not worth it.”

Gurley is going to be leaving Georgia behind this spring and declare for the NFL Draft, at least according to his head coach Mark Richt. The Bulldogs will miss Gurley, but this autograph scandal may be something that comes to define his time at Georgia as it seemingly forced him to flame out faster than he should have.