Derrick Rose Accidentally Slaps Assistant In The Face (Video)


Derrick Rose is back this season, and while he has battled injuries, but he’s healthy enough to slap a grown ass man in his face. 

The Chicago Bulls are trying to establish their dominance in the Eastern Conference, as things are as winnable as they’ve ever been out East. The Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling, the Miami Heat are back to be irrelevant and quiet and teams like the Wizards and Raptors are leading things.

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Derrick Rose returning to the lineup has helped make the Bulls exciting again, but they’re not yet as good as they can be.

Even with the injury struggles as of late for Rose — something he’ll probably deal with forever — he’s starting to show flashes of the guy we used to love back in the 2010-11 season when he was busy winning an MVP trophy. Rose’s swagger is slowly starting to seep into the hardwood inside the United Center again which is helping to loosen him up.

Rose got a little too loose on Tuesday night though, as he ended up slapping a team assistant in his face while looking for high fives after a great possession.

The Bulls are title contenders this season with the return of Rose and the more he gets back to the player he was pre-ACL injury, the better off the NBA as a whole is. This assistant though — probably better off with Rose on the bench. At least with half a functional knee, he could see Rose limping towards him with his walker to slap him in the face.

A fully healthy Rose is dangerous for opponents but he’s clearly more dangerous to assistants not watching for errant flying open hand slaps.

Keep that swagger hand strong, Derrick Rose.

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