MLB Free Agency: Would Max Scherzer Seriously Sign With The Astros?

Max Scherzer is going to have his choice of where to sign as the biggest name left in MLB free agency. Is it actually possible that he would choose the Houston Astros?

As the hot stove re-engages in the days after the holiday season, all eyes will be on free agent ace Max Scherzer. Rightfully so, as he is the kind of pitcher who can push a contending team over the top.

Here’s something interesting to consider with Scherzer: while we all assume he will be the key piece for some aspiring playoff team this off-season, whether it’s the Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, or some other big market destination, there could be a chance he signs with a different team entirely.

The craziest possible scenario might just be the one in which he signs with the Houston Astros. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe lays out Houston’s potential interest in signing Scherzer:

The Astros have gone after a few free agents and upgraded their bullpen. Why wouldn’t they bring in an ace?

I’ll tell you why: because the ace has the option to sign with a team that will actually matter.

Here’s the thing though: we all might overestimate the importance of being the final piece on a contender when we assume we know what free agents are thinking. If the Astros were willing to pay more, maybe they could sell Scherzer on the other benefits of signing with them, even if those benefits do not include World Series contention.

Maybe the dude just wants to get paid and be comfortable, and maybe the Astros can meet those interests.

Would Max Scherzer seriously sign with the Astros? If nothing else, we should all at least know better than to rule it out.