Howie Roseman talked to Jets about GM job


Current Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman talking to New York Jets about team’s GM vacancy.

A bitter power struggle has apparently cropped up in Philadelphia between coach Chip Kelly and general manager Howie Roseman. Shots were fired when Kelly’s ally and vice president of personnel, Tom Gamble was fired on Wednesday.

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Interestingly, Kelly had heaped praise on Gamble just a few days prior, making the firing’s motives a bit more obvious. Roseman and Kelly have reportedly been at odds since the beginning of Kelly’s tenure, but it’s gotten worse in the last year, says several internal Eagles sources and others in the NFL.

It would seem that Roseman has gained the upper hand in the struggle, but now the news is coming out that Roseman has been talking to the Jets about their open GM position.

While the Jets never asked for an interview and there’s nothing concrete that says Roseman has actually even gone to an interview, he or his camp has at least inquired about the position. An interesting turn of events considering that the previous day’s firing would seem to point to Roseman having the edge over Kelly.

It’s also not known who exactly Roseman or his camp talked to, but it was likely an informal conversation with either Jets owner Woody Johnson or the team’s new consultant, Charlie Casserly.

Neither the Eagles nor Roseman offered any comment about the news.

Going above Roseman, Eagles owner Jeffry Lurie said Roseman had his full support and expects him back for his sixth season as general manager. Lurie has been completely supportive of Roseman while several other team executives have left since he was hired. That would seem to give Roseman the biggest edge of all, so it’s even more interesting that he seems to be, on the surface, contemplating leaving the Eagles.

Further, as we all saw with Jim Harbaugh, the coach is often on the losing end of GM vs coach scenarios. Then there’s this quote from

"Kelly spoke Monday. But he wasn’t quoted in the Eagles’ official news release and he isn’t required to answer questions until the NFL owners meetings in March. But the coach said plenty when he essentially described Roseman as a glorified salary-cap manager and called Gamble “a heck of a football guy.”"

Someone has a problem with someone, that much is obvious. The question is whether it will be Kelly or Roseman deciding to pack their bags.

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