NFC Wild Card: Referees controversially reverse pass interference call against Cowboys (GIF)


The Dallas Cowboys were given a gift by officials on a blow pass interference call that has drawn much criticism for a number of reasons. 

One of the biggest stories of the NFC Wild Card game between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions will not be about a late game comeback by either team, rather it will focus on the blown non-call by officials. It was a call that sparked a massive debate over NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino partying with the Dallas Cowboys earlier this season, and has spawned the latest NFL conspiracy theory.

The play questions saw the Cowboys commit what seemed to be a text book pass interference penalty that was called as such and then reversed.

It was a play that was iffy to begin with but became a huge deal once the flag was picked up by officials.

Here’s a look at the play in question:

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That’s almost exactly what pass interference is defined as, with the defender not turning his head to make a play on the ball. Then again, the ball came up short and didn’t appear to be playable for Brandon Pettigrew, even though he was in a situation where the defender didn’t turn his head.

That’s not the controversial part — that came when the officials called the pass interference penalty on the field before picking up the flag and taking all of that back.

Dean Blandino partying with Stephen Jones — the son of Jerry Jones — earlier this season quickly became a topic of discussion on social media and has given birth to the latest NFL conspiracy theory.

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