The Friendly Bounce Belt: Rajon Rondo is your new champion


Welcome back to the Friendly Bounce Belt, our weekly power rankings of awesome moments in the NBA. Last time Giannis Antetokounmpo took home the title for his great week, which included a huge dunk on Chris Bosh. Let’s see who walked away with the belt this time.

The Champ: Rajon Rondo

In a unanimous decision, it’s Rajon Rondo who takes home the belt this week. The point guard made his return to Boston, getting a beautiful video tribute and then dropping a season high 29 points against his old team.

The Contenders:

The Kings (maybe not really) trying the 4-on-5 cherry picking strategy

I don’t really care whether or not this was an intentional cherry picking or not, this was still an awesome moment. And then Reggie Evans missing the dunk on top of it was just too great. Vivekkkkkkkkkkk!!!

Steph Curry throwing down the dunk on Kyle Lowry

Woooo. Okay Steph. Has he ever dunked in a game before? I mean, yeah, I’m sure he has. I just can’t think of any times off the top of my head. Anyways, this was awesome.

DeMarcus Cousins dropping the hammer on Mason Plumlee

This was peak Boogie Cousins right here. Defenders all around him, a little off balance, but he didn’t care. And it didn’t matter. He was way too strong for Mr. Plumlee, throwing down the emphatic hammer dunk.

Steven Adams and Nick Collison’s handshake

This is so strange, but so awesome at the same time. A lot of people have all sorts of nifty moves and little tricks with their special handshake routines, but Adams and Collison just go for the classic–be it held for a little bit too long.

Archie Goodwin yamming on Jonas Valanciunas

Archie just snuck this one in, throwing down on Jonas late Sunday night. But boy are we glad he did, because this was sick. Just all over the big man.

Netw3rk’s Pistons tweet

Another one snuck in right at the buzzer, and another moment of brilliance. There have been a lot of great tweets, but this is without a doubt a first ballot hall-of-famer. Bravo, bravo.