Dan Quinn wants Kyle Shanahan to help make the Jets not suck in 2015

The New York Jets are hot after Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, and if hired Quinn will reportedly seek Kyle Shanahan to correct the offense. 

The New York Jets are just awful at literally everything. From the way they play to the trades they make to even the way they construct sentences with the English language. Almost everything the Jets attempt to do fails in the most spectacular fashion, which is why fixing the team is such a tall order.

It also opens the door up to potential legendary status though, as rebuilding the Jets into something respectable would make whoever does it into a football genius. In the case of Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, such a thing wouldn’t make him into an icon so much as it would confirm his status as one.

The New York Jets seem to be hot after Quinn as their next head coach, and things are moving along so nicely that he apparently already has his offensive coordinator picked out. According to NFL insider Jason Cole, if Dan Quinn is hired, he will look to recently released Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to make suer the Jets offense stops being terrible.

Shanahan seems to be a hot young coordinator but will be on his third job in as many years once he finds work again this offseason. He was fired by the Washington Redskins in 2013, hired by the Cleveland Browns in 2014 and has mutually parted ways with Cleveland to start 2015.

Love him or loathe him, the Browns were a better team offensively thanks to Shanahan and he is only rising in the coaching game. He may even land a head coaching job at some point, but Quinn seems to want him running his offense.

That might not be exclusive to New York either, as potential head coaches typically try to assemble a mock staff to bring to meetings to let teams know what they’ll be dealing with. So if Quinn takes the job in San Francisco or Chicago, he would most likely bring Shanahan along to work with Colin Kaepernick or Jay Cutler.

Shanahan and the Jets have the luxury drafting a quarterback this year though, which didn’t work out so well in Cleveland with Johnny Manziel but could work out differently in New York. Landing a Jameis Winston or even a Brett Hundley in the draft could be big for Shanahan, while he could also be forever known as the genius who finally unlocked something in Geno Smith that made him throw footballs to the right team.