Broncos’ Peyton Manning set an unfortunate NFL record

Denver Broncos superstar quarterback Peyton Manning set an unfortunate NFL record for most postseason losses with 13 after losing to the Indianapolis Colts.


The Indianapolis Colts rolled into Denver and shocked the reigning AFC champion Denver Broncos by a final score of 24-13. It was a major surprise to most fans, and sets up a Colts vs. New England Patriots AFC Championship game.

Peyton Manning has been known to have poor postseason outings, and this was yet another one of those poor games. He simply wasn’t able to get anything going, and the Broncos’ offense sputtered. The Colts’ defense was phenomenal, and their game plan to help slow Manning down was the perfect approach.

That being said, a lot of focus has shifted to whether or not Manning will return next season with Denver or call it a career and hang up his cleats.

There is no question that Manning can still play at a high level and be one of the best players in the game, but can his body live throughout another NFL season? Manning also set an unfortunate NFL record with his loss to the Colts yesterday. He is now the record holder for most postseason losses in NFL history, with 13 total throughout his career.

Despite the lack of postseason success, Manning has played his way to the top of the all-time quarterbacks list. His legacy is still incomplete with just one ring, but that isn’t something that Manning is going to allow himself to get hung up on.

While there is a chance Manning will choose to hang up his cleats and retire this offseason, there is a good chance he is back for one more shot. Denver would be more than happy to welcome him back, and he will still have a great football team around him. Manning is a fierce competitor, and this season is going to feel like unfinished business for him.

If Manning does choose to retire, it will either be because his body tells him that he can’t go throughout another season or he doesn’t feel that he can play up to his standards.

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