Julian Edelman is an ‘a-hole’ about Super Bowl tickets

You might not want to ask New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman for any Super Bowl tickets.


New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is prepared to be the bad guy when it comes to Super Bowl tickets.

“I’m a pretty big a-hole to all my friends and family,” Edelman said, via USA Today. “They know that. When it’s football time it’s football time.”

Part of it for players is trying to treat it like a normal game. Some players can’t get star struck or intimidated by the big stage, and everyone you know blowing your phone up for tickets is one way to get caught up in the hype and off your game.

“I think you want to make the process as familiar as possible to what you’re used to by going out and preparing like you try to do everyday,”Edelman said. “Going in the hot tub, the cold tub, getting your treatment every day. It’s gonna be a little differnt. Usually the team that can handle that stuff the best is usually the team that comes out with a win.”

You can’t blame a player for not wanting to deal with all the requests for tickets. Each player was only allotted two free tickets last year. They can buy up to 13 more at face value, which can be a pricy endeavor.

Of course if you’re paying in the NFL it is a relatively small and reasonable amount. But then there are other things to worry about, travel, accommodations, guests finding things to do when they’re in town.

I wouldn’t want to deal with all that nonsense.