Child recreates Bostick’s onside kick recovery fail

This young Green Bay Packers fan demonstrates just went went wrong on Sunday in the forth quarter of the NFC Championship game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Packers fans might want to look away from this one.  Below is a video of a young child doing his best recreation of Brandon Bostick’s muffed on side kick recovery.

The play itself this past Sunday was designed to get the ball into the trusted arms of Packers leading receiver during the regular season, Jordy Nelson.  Bostick’s job called for him to block the front line and protect Jordy as he went to the ground.  This of course was not the case as Packers fans gasped around the nation as the ball deflected off of Bostick’s face mask before winding up in possession of the Seattle Seahawks.  This play was a catalyst for the Seahawks eventual comeback that evening.

The reenactment below is surprisingly accurate minus the other players who were on the field. The four second clip encapsulates Bostick as an isolated player, with the ball being thrown his direction, and then in this instance comically bouncing off of his head.

Like mentioned before Packers fans might not find this video all too amusing following the loss on Sunday, as the wounds still seem to be very open as what looked like a sure fire win in the third quarter slipped away in the last five minutes of the game and then overtime. There of course there is always next season as Packers fans look to bury this memory deep into their memory bank to be replaced eventually by other thoughts. The play itself of course will always evoke a terrible reaction, but I would argue that this variation isn’t so bad.