Hope Solo suspended by U.S. Soccer for being crazy


Hope Solo’s husband was arrested this week in L.A., but it’s the soccer star who has found herself in hot water over the incident. 

When Jerramy Stevens was arrested this week for a DUI, it wasn’t the former NFL player who made the headlines — it was his Olympic soccer wife who got all of the attention. In the same span of time in which she was absolved of any wrong doing in a domestic violence case, Solo was right back in hot water for her actions during her husband’s arrest in Los Angeles.

Solo, who wasn’t the subject of the arrest, gave the police officers the old don’t you know who we are routine, which may have worked for her but not her was-been husband. Stevens may be best remembered for getting kneed in the nuts during a football game, doesn’t have to be worried about getting suspended from his non-existant NFL job over his DUI but Hope Solo has a job and her employers are not happy.

U.S. Soccer has now suspended Solo for 30 days following her behavior during her husband’s arrest, as she didn’t act in accordance to how normal people act.

"“During our current national team camp, Hope made a poor decision that has resulted in a negative impact on U.S. Soccer and her teammates. We feel at this time it is best for her to step away from the team.”"

Solo was apparently acting like a crazy lady during the arrest of her husband, which seems to be in line with other stories that have been told about Solo being a crazed maniac most of the time. She has feuded with her soccer teammates, hasn’t been afraid to let the world know how much sex goes on behind the scenes at the Olympics and — oh yeah — she beat the sh-t out of her sister and nephew.

This isn’t abnormal behavior for Solo, hence the suspension from U.S. Soccer. The ban means that Solo can’t be a art of USWNT activities for the next 30 days, but she will be back in plenty of time to continue prepping for the World Cup this summer in Canada.

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