Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl ad teaser is amazing (Video)


Victoria’s Secret has released a teaser for their upcoming Super Bowl commercial and it’s incredible. 

As we all know, with the Super Bowl less than two weeks away now, a lot of eyes have turned to what sort of commercials we will see this year. Victoria’s Secret is one company that generally likes to run ads during the Super Bowl, and while their latest release isn’t this year’s commercial itself, this teaser is awesome.

Victoria’s Secret will run an ad during the two-minute warning of the fourth quarter between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots, but for now, you can enjoy what they have given us all to hold us over for over a week.

This teaser that you can see below has a slew of the angels playing on the gridiron, with a nice reminder for everyone at the end that Valentine’s Day is on the way, a reminder that they’ll make again when they run their actual Super Bowl ad.

And no, fellas, this isn’t the Lingerie Football League, they’re wearing full football pads. It’s still awesome, though.

Again, that was just a teaser. Victoria’s Secret’s actual Super Bowl commercial will air late in the game on Super Bowl Sunday.

But for now, this is more than enjoyable.

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