LaMarcus Aldridge Injury Fallout: Should I Pick Up Dorell Wright?


In case you have not heard, we got word today that LaMarcus Aldridge’s latest injury will cost him 6-8 weeks. The initial move was to rush out and add Dorell Wright, but in the past when Aldridge has missed time there really has not been a steady beneficiary. On Wednesday, when Dorell Wright started, he delivered a solid performance with 15 points, three rebounds, five assists, two steals, and three 3-pointers.

After Wednesday it seemed the logical short-term add would be Wright, but the Trail Blazers had the second of a back-to-back set and Wright only saw ten minutes of floor time where the Blazers lost a game they should not have to the Boston Celtics on their home-court.

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In this game Thomas Robinson logged 28 minutes and had nine points, 12 rebounds, two steals, one assist, and two blocks and sported a +4. In Wright’s ten minutes he logged one rebound and one lonely point. Now there are several different possibilities as to how these minutes worked out like this. One could simply be a match-up thing. If that is the case there will be no clear-cut winner as to who will be the best person to add to your team.

This will be a situation that we have to monitor very closely and hope to get some clarity from Coach Terry Stotts as to who to look for to replace LMA on a regular basis in the starting line-up. This injury could keep LMA irrelevant though out your fantasy playoffs, especially as it will take him some time to work back in to shape. If he misses the full 8 weeks from today, it could be around week one or two of your head-to-head playoffs before he returns.

So who will you pick up? If I am in a dynasty league and he is available, I am moving quickly to land Thomas Robinson as this could be a nice breakout opportunity for him. The minutes should be there and the upside is definitely there to make this thing a go for him. This may be a situation to monitor closely, but if I have an open spot on my roster I am adding Robinson in all of my leagues. In a deeper league, say 16 teams and up, I would be adding Wright and Robinson with Robinson being my priority. We could wind up with a situation where one is hot and one is cold like we have these first couple of nights.

We can also begin monitoring the situation with Nic Batum’s wrist injury. If he is to miss time, then we should have a situation where Wright and Robinson both become must-adds. As with every situation that arises in fantasy basketball I want to encourage you to do your own homework as well and watch the box scores and minutes distribution so that you can act accordingly when things begin to shift and get shuffled around.

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