Ryan Leaf with strong words about Deflate-Gate

Former NFL prospect turned bust quarterback Ryan Leaf recently weighed in on what else? Deflate-Gate.

This is now all the National Football League’s fault.

Instead of taking swift and tough action against Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots organization, Roger Goodell and the NFL decided to put on a sham.

All intelligent people know what’s going on here. The NFL had a decision to make. One was to maintain the integrity of the game and injure the Super Bowl. The other was to leave their bread and butter Super Bowl alone and open themselves up to criticism that they don’t care about the integrity of the game.

Goodell decided to take the second approach.

When tough decisions need to be made, the NFL will always air on the side of “green.” The Super Bowl is this country’s biggest event, and he’ll be damned if cheating gets in the way of it. Could you imagine advertisers screaming at the league office if any of their marquee names were suspended for the game?

Instead Goodell decided to yet again put another “act” for us. He told us there would be an “investigation” which would take “time.” We all know with the power this league has that they could have solved this one from the get-go. It literally should have taken them 48 hours tops.

Now though, he’s allowed Brady to announce to the world that no league officials have spoken to him yet; allowed Belichick to all of a sudden become a science expert and provide dissertations on air pressure 101 while referencing Mona Lisa Vito from My Cousin Vinny; he’s also even now allowed Patriots owner (and best pal) Robert Kraft to sternly demand an apology if no wrong-doing was found.

The Wells investigation is nothing more than a stall tactic.

It’s gotten to the point that many folks are thinking Goodell again won’t do anything to the team. It seems he now works for Kraft and the Pats.

Not only that, but we now have NFL busts coming out of the wood-works, giving their opinions on the matter:

Of course it’s alarming Ryan Leaf! The NFL has a great product, but they way they’re currently being run is a scam.

Take a look at this example if you need more evidence. Russ Knight is an Arizona man who was hired as an assistant frequency coordinator. According to KPHO in Phoenix, it was a “dream come true” for Knight to work the Super Bowl.

That dream was crushed though as the league took his credentials away after they found a picture on one of his social media accounts that had him with his credentials in it. According to the fine print, you’re not allowed to have the credential showing in any pictures for security purposes.CBS 5 – KPHO

The rule makes complete sense and I agree with it. It’s unfortunate that Knight was penalized due to taking the picture out of excitement.

The point is this: the NFL found this picture only a few hours after it was posted.

Did you hear that? Only a few hours later.

This league can scour the earth and find a picture that was posted only a few hours after it was published, of a very meaningless man in the grand scheme of things, yet they need more than a week to put an end to Deflate-Gate?

Yes Ryan Leaf, we’re glad to hear you’re finally on board with the rest of the intelligent people who know the ways of the NFL.

Great product, yet a lousy, corrupt, shady, and self-serving organization which puts money above all integrity.

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