Tom Brady screamed like a little girl after game-winning interception

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady screamed like a little girl after the Super Bowl winning interception from Malcolm Butler.

The New England Patriots came from behind thanks to the leadership and stellar play of quarterback Tom Brady. Despite being in the lead, it was the Patriots defense that were able to seal the Super Bowl win with a goal-line interception.

That left Brady watching from the side line hoping for a favorable outcome. Like Patriots fans everywhere, Brady lost his mind when Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler intercepted a pass to seal the win.

And Brady, who was mic’d up for the game, screamed like a little girl.

Of course this is exactly how you’d expect Brady to scream, you know say… when he is going down a water slide.

The NFL released a video of Carroll and Brady who were both mic’d up during the Super Bowl. It also brought us this gem of actor Mark Wahlberg professing his love for Brady by calling him the greatest repeatedly while Brady tries to act humble.

H/T Pete Blackburn, Deadspin