LeBron James’ High School scoring record broken, everyone feels old

LeBron James is chasing Michael Jordan’s NBA records, but records of his own are already being broken. 


Prepare to feel old — LeBron James already has records that are falling to up and coming basketball stars. His NBA records are safe for now, as no one is hot on his tail in chasing him at a professional level but his amateur stats are starting to be surpassed which means it’s time to feel really freaking old.

High school basketball player Luke Kennard, a Franklin High senior, has passed LeBron James’ all-time scoring record for the state of Ohio. It’s a mark that was bound to fall but it’s a monumental moment for more than one reason.

Kennard talked about his record breaking shot, and noted that he gave it ‘the little LeBron’ in reference to his shot and reaction.

“I pulled up from 3, saw it went in — gave it the little LeBron,” Kennard told reporters. “That was just for fun. I’m really excited. I’m blessed to have that opportunity.”

To put this all into perspective that makes us feel old, Kennard was around 7-years old when LeBron James broke into the NBA in 2003 and was still in his infancy when LeBron broke onto the high school scene. A lot has changed since then — including the loyalty of LeBron a few different times — but one thing is certain: basketball is serious business in Ohio.

Passing LeBron James doesn’t ensure Kennard any riches, but it proves that the next generation of great players are simmering on the back burner of the sport. Also, we’re all really old.