Ride the subway on Carmelo Anthony’s lap (photo)

Marketing people at Kumho Tires had to know what they were doing with this Carmelo Anthony piece… right?

This has to be what the marketing people at Kumho Tires must have been thinking when they put together this ad of Carmelo Anthony. People will jump on the train and get the chance to take a ride on Carmelo’s lap. It had to be what they were thinking of… right? Just look at the joyful ride that this young lady is having.


It doesn’t help at all that the brand name for the tires is Kumho. Imagine if that hashtag up above her head just read #kumho.

Kumho sit on my lap. That was a comment that was in the subreddit and I couldn’t resist to share it here with you as well.

It doesn’t help at all that Carmelo has his legs spread open wide inviting you to sit in his lap. That probably would be the first spot I would sit in. The lady in the photo apparently had the same idea. The seat would seem so irresistible. The lady had other options on the train to sit, but when Carmelo invites you in like that, you just can’t deny him.

H/T New York Knicks Reddit