Trade Deadline BAE Index: JaVale goes to Philly


We started the BAE Index as a way to recap the previous night’s highlights, but today we are expanding our BAE Index coverage to the trade deadline as things start to get wild and crazy. Let’s get into it.


This is peak Hinkie and I love it. He’s so obsessed with acquiring picks that he willingly brought JaVale McGee into his franchise. He’s going to have to pay JaVale 12 million dollars next season and it wasn’t even really clear if JaVale was still in the league before this trade happened.

Does anyone have one recollection of JaVale doing something in a game this season? Is he hurt? Is he just not playing? I legitimately have no idea. Of course we’re all going to look like fools when JaVale, Nerlens, and Joel turn into a three-headed front court monster and the Sixers dominate the league in a few years.

Whether you like Hinkie’s strategy or not, you at least have to give him credit for sticking with it and going all in. He has decided on a course of action and he is not wavering from it in the slightest.


The Sixers have sent the Nuggets at created player from 2K to complete the deal. (Also his name is Cenk Akyol.)