Bill Belichick sucking on fingers at combine (video)


Bill Belichick had a finger licking good snack watching the NFL combine. 

When I was a youngster, my mommy always hated when any sounds came out of my mouth when I was eating my plate of food. I also was not supposed to open my mouth when there was food in it. I don’t know if those rules applied to the Belichick household.

Just watch what the cameras caught when it panned over to Bill Belichick as he was slurping on his fingers while watching these premiere athletes young running around in their tight tights at the NFL Combine.

What in the world is he scraping off of his plate to lick up? Imagine the noises that he would be making that would drive my mother out of her freaking mind! I bet it was some nacho cheese! I do the same thing if there is some extra on the plate. What momma doesn’t know!

Bill might be missing some of the action on the field because he is so engrossed in that plate full of food. I guess that is how you beat Bill… just put a plate out for him and he enters his own world. Someone go get me some nachos now!

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