NFL agent uses restroom and beer koozies to promote client


One NFL agent used a unique way to promote his client, long-snapper Charlie Coggins, on Friday at an establishment where league personnel hang.

Let it never be said that this guy isn’t creative at promoting his clients. Bears/NFL reporter Michael C. Wright for ESPN tweeted a picture of the scene he found in a men’s restroom on Friday at an establishment where league representatives, scouts and personnel hang out.

It appears to be a drink koozie featuring the client’s name, position and details, as well as his school. Sticking out for good measure are a few cards. Hey, why not right? It’s certainly bound to get someone’s attention, sitting by the sink like that.

Whatever else, he’s making rounds on the Internet with this story. Another story by CBS Sports reveals that the marketing materials were found around the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, both inside and out. “Hottest name in keeping drinks cold at the Combine,” tweeted Fox Sports’ Mike Garafolo, revealing a picture of the drink koozie around a beer bottle.

A few of the stories actually give the credit to Coggins for the bit of marketing genius, but it was more than likely his agent. Long-snappers aren’t very high on the draft lists of most NFL teams, as their position is a specialized one that is used during field goals, extra points and punts. Further, long-snappers often play fairly long in a league known for short careers. Teams don’t typically look to replace their long-snapper unless he’s been messing up, and again, that doesn’t happen too much.

Coggins is listed on NFL Draft Scout as 6-foot-1, 202 pounds out of East Carolina where he’s a 2015 senior. He’s rated 11 out of 28 long snappers, which is pretty decent. He doesn’t have an invite to the Combine, however, so he is obviously a long-shot to make it in the draft. Thus the marketing ploy.

Currently Coggins’ Twitter  is filled with retweets and mentions of the beer koozies being found around the Combine.

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