Shawn Michaels on wrestling Triple H for his WWE retirement: I’d consider it


Shawn Michaels was asked whether or not he’d get back in the ring to take on Triple H for his last match, and well, he didn’t shoot it down

Sooner or later, the reality is going to set in that Triple H will no longer be able to compete in a WWE ring, not even on a part-time basis like he does now. One day, Triple H is going to have to step out of that ring for good.

Of course, when he does decide to hang up the boots for good, everyone will wonder who will receive the honor of competing against him in their last match. One blatantly obvious name for this is Shawn Michaels, although the only problem is that Shawn has been retired for quite some time now.

Well, apparently, Shawn would think about helping his buddy out if asked.

In a recent interview with RCWR Show, Michaels noted that he would definitely consider it, but he doesn’t believe Triple H would ask such a thing of him.

"Well obviously I think I’d consider it but I guess I know my buddy well enough I don’t think he’d ask. But of course, let’s put it this way, I’ve had some folks already ask me some pretty moving things about their last matches or matches they’ve wanted. I’ve given all of them some thought but again, to your point earlier about ‘you have a great body of work’, I want to keep that body of work. I just feel like I left on as close to a perfect situation as you can and I always just I want to make sure that I honor that and take care of that. So, certainly, I’d consider it because he’s my buddy, and I’d do anything for my buddy so it’d be something that we’d certainly discuss but I think he’d understand if I turned it down."

Would you blame Shawn Michaels if he came out of retirement for one final match with his friend?

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