WWE still upset they lost legal battle to CM Punk


The WWE is still holding a grudge against CM Punk for beating them in a legal battle.

CM Punk chunked up the deuces and walked away from the WWE last year after the Royal Rumble. There was a lot of unknown circumstances around Punk’s abrupt departure which led to a lot of rumors about why he left.

Eventually, Punk went on Colt Cabana’s podcast and explained why he left. Like many of his promos in the past, the podcast was a pipe bomb full of juicy information as Punk spilled his side of the story, including some strong accusations about about a wide array of topics but most notably, the incompetence of their ringside doctor.

That has since led to a lawsuit being thrown Punk’s way from the doctor, which of course got the support of the WWE. But their might be another motive to the WWE supporting the doctor according to Dave Meltzer.

"There’s a reason this all came out.WWE lost round one to a guy they now believe beat them at their own game and they can’t say that so this is what they are doing.When they settled, they thought he had them dead to rights. Now they think he outworked them and they don’t take that as well.Thoughts about who wins the court case is missing the entire point. It’s never going to trial. It’s about revenge for them being worked into caving early. At least that’s their version. They have to use the doctor because they can’t sue.But they absolutely believe they are in the right."

Punk cause the WWE to get a lot of egg on their face after that interview and a lot of people seem to be inclined to believe his side of events. His name is still chanted at WWE events even though he has moved on and signed with the UFC.

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