Fantasy Basketball: Is Markel Brown Worth A Pick Up?


Is Markel Brown Worth A Pick Up?

In fantasy basketball you have to be prepared to move on players when they pop up out of nowhere. This is a particularly important time for the NBA because of the fact that now that the trade deadline has passed, teams have a pretty good idea if they are going to make a push for the playoffs or if they are going to tuck tail and try to secure a few extra lottery balls.

Enter a player like Markel Brown. The Nets have been hanging around in the eighth and final playoff spot all year. The Nets have struggled to have any sort of real athleticism at all on the wing and that is exactly what Brown will bring. Now he is not the next LeBron James and I doubt that this will be anything similar to ‘Linsanity’ that we experienced a few years ago, but I believe that this guy may very well stick around in the rotation for a while.

As usual with anyone who pops on the scene with a game like this, there will be a vast majority of the fantasy basketball crowd that over reacts to this game. Do not, and I repeat do not be that guy that is the king over reactor. Don’t burn all your free agent budget to get him, nor do you need to make any sort of trade to get him. The chances of him continuing to produce at such a high clip as he did tonight is somewhat slim, but those chances are good enough that I would try to add him in a deep 12 team league and higher league.

This is another player that if I was able to add him to my roster then I would be interested in trading him as high as possible. Most of the time when players are riding the hype train as fantasy owners we think that we have just landed our ticket to a fantasy title. That may be the case, but it may only be the case if you accept that offer for a player who may seem to have declining value. Every year we have players who we think are going to be the waiver wire pickup of the year and so we decline offers and then we find out that our player is simply the next one game wonder.

For standard leagues I would only add Brown if I had a roster spot to burn or you could refer to Robert Moodispaugh’s waiver wire article about who he would drop in standard leagues. I would probably just wait for him to have another good game unless you have an auction free agent system, and then I might go ahead and add him before his price goes through the roof.

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