Kansas coach put K-State student in headlock (Video)

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After Kansas State upset 8th-ranked Kansas, students rushed the floor causing commotion for un-evacuated Kansas. 

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Unranked Kansas State had a huge win over interstate rival and 8th-ranked Kansas at home on Monday night 70-63 after trailing by eight-points in the second half. After the win, Kansas State students ritually stormed the floor, and tapped Kansas players and coaches who had yet to evacuate.

There was a huge lack of security for Kansas players and coaches who needed to be evacuated from the court safely before the students charged and caused mayhem for some players who were bumped into and hit by students as well as coaches who were stuck on the floor.

Kansas State head coach Bruce Weber had to body-wrap Bill Self against the scores table when the fans rushed to avoid Self getting bull-rushed by students who were ecstatic about the win and Self had no where to escape.

Also coming out of this was a video that showed Kansas assistant coach Kurtis Townsend putting a taunting fan, who was double-birding Kansas players, in a headlock and shove him away. You can see it develop in the middle of the screen in this video:

The security flop has resulted in a re-opening of the college basketball court storming tradition, and may result in more rules outlawing it after games.

While we may or may not see results from this debate, you can expect one thing, Kansas State and other underdog schools will be hiring many more security officials to make sure something like this doesn’t keep happening.

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