Latest Dez Bryant video rumors and details

Rumors have been rapidly circulating about a potential “violent video” involving Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant.

There have been plenty of rumors regarding a video that allegedly shows Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant doing something violent that is described as “five times worse than the Ray Rice video.”

To this point, everything has been very vague.

However, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk provided some additional information about the rumors during “Pro Football Talk Live” on Wednesday morning.

Florio claims rumors of the video have been persistent and that they have been swirling around in league circles for months. In fact, Florio states ESPN has been working hard on a story surrounding the video and that they have a report ready to publish as soon as the video leaks or they are able to get their hands on it.

Without providing any substantial detail, Florio said that the rumors he has heard about the video have the incident taking place in a store parking lot.

He also added that the incident happened years ago.

“If anything did happen, it happened in 2011,” Florio said.

To be fair to Dez Bryant, there has been nothing but speculation regarding the video and no one has been able to get their hands on the tape. Possibly because it doesn’t even exist. We will only find out if it does exist if the video is eventually leaked.

With some alleged screenshots out there, it will only be a matter of time until something is leaked if there is something to report.