Rajon Rondo, Rick Carlisle have screaming match during game (Video)

While the Mavericks are locked in a close contest against the Raptors tonight, Rajon Rondo and head coach Rick Carlisle go at one another.

It’s the age old question in the National Basketball Association: who runs the team? The star player or the coach?

The simple answer is of course the player. They make all the money and put fannies in the seats.

The smart coach builds a partnership with his players realizing it’s the nature of the sport. Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan come to mind.

In other spots, one player runs the entire organization (see LeBron James in Cleveland).

Tonight in Dallas as the Mavericks host the Toronto Raptors, head coach Rick Carlisle started a heated exchange between his star point guard Rajon Rondo.

It’s as clear as day how the argument started. Rondo was either ignoring Carlisle’s plea for a timeout, or he simply didn’t hear him.

Regardless, Rondo didn’t take too kindly to the strong words from his coach.

Maybe there was a reason why anybody involved in the Boston Celtics organization couldn’t stand the guy and threw a parade the day after he was traded.

Carlisle benched Rondo at the time of the incident. He currently has four points and four assists in the game which the Mavericks currently lead by seven midway through the fourth quarter.

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