Llama Chase video gets Herm Edwards breakdown


If you weren’t on Twitter or watching TV Thursday afternoon, you missed quite the adventure: a llama chase!!!

Sun City, Arizona: Home of the roaming llamas?

On Thursday afternoon, Twitter exploded with perhaps the oddest and most awesome news story of all-time, with two llamas escaping an Arizona petting zoo, on the loose and running wild. With a helicopter view from the sky, it looked like just a normal police chase, but with some rebel llamas instead.

These llamas were clearly crazy, breaking away from their home and running throughout traffic. The motive for the escape is currently unknown, but both llamas are contained and under control.

Fox News really took this as some sort of prison outbreak, putting up this hilarious headline on air.

But it’s OK.

With NFL free agency, ESPN’s Herm Edwards is here to analyze what these llamas could do for your favorite team.

It looks like these llamas have already joined forces with the Cardinals, however.