Fantasy Basketball: Pondering Eric Bledsoe’s Value


Today we are going to ponder the value of Eric Bledsoe and take a deeper look at how things might shake out for him as he will be taking over the back-court in Phoenix. We will also in future posts take a deeper look at a few other players who are donning new threads and try to get a feel for what their values could look like next season and beyond.

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Fortunately, when we look at Eric Bledsoe’s value, he has been in Phoenix so we have an idea of how his value will shake out. The trade sending Dragic and Thomas out-of-town has really cleared up space and made him the ball-handling point guard.

Bledsoe was a bit of a disappointment to start the season, but right around thanksgiving he started playing lights out basketball. Over the last month he as averaging 19-6-6 with 2 steals to boot. Narrow that down to the last 15 days and he adds an impressive 2 more rebounds a game. Bledsoe certainly has the talent to be a star player in this league and pile up the stats for your fantasy team.

There are some injury concerns with Eric Bledsoe on a long-term basis. He did suffer a meniscus tear last season and opted to have the surgery to get you back quicker, but possibly at the expense of a longer career. If you are a dynasty league player that could be a minor concern. I would not really expect him to start missing games over it anytime real soon, but over the next 3-4 seasons or if he sustains another knee injury I would place him in the weary category.

The next thing we need to look at is the fact that the Suns have been wanting to add a star player to their roster for some time now. The most likely place to see them try to upgrade is going to be in one of the forward spots or possibly at center depending on the development of Alex Len. Bledsoe’s value next year will be dependent to a decent degree as to what kind of talent the Suns are able to put around him. The way the NBA has been trading players recently it is hard to rule much out so you will just have to keep your ear to the NBA ‘Twittersphere’ and right here with us at Fantasy CPR to keep you updated with all the relevant information.

Bledsoe has all the talent in the world and now this talent has met opportunity and usually that is a good thing. So far it really seems to be working and you are not going to be able to get him on your team cheaply if he is not already. I have mentioned this before and I believe it to be true, but if you want him on your keeper or dynasty team now may be one of the best teams to try to add him to your squad. I don’t expect his production to fall off this season at all. There is a slight chance he could lose some value for next season if the Suns are able to land a true star player to pair him up with. Even if they did I don’t see his value dropping dramatically at all so feel free to acquire him and watch him rise to his ceiling.

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