Fantasy Second Base 1-9


October 4, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Dee Gordon (9) throws to first as St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams (32) slides into second in the eighth inning in game two of the 2014 NLDS playoff baseball game at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The number before each second baseman’s name represents their overall rank in the 2015 Fantasy Baseball Rankings.

It is important to note that the second basemen ranked 6-10 (Dustin Pedroia is 2B10 and will appear in the next article) are lumped into a tier.  While I may have particular thoughts on certain players, they are ranked close enough where you could draft any of them in any order.

1. #13 Anthony Rendon Washington Nationals (also 3B eligible)

I would venture to guess that Anthony Rendon only shows up at the top of his position on only a few sites, but I prefer him over Cano and Altuve because Rendon can do everything.  He is only 24 and has the possibility to hit even more home runs.  Anthony Rendon’s 111 runs were elite (even if runs are not really determined by individual worth), his 21 homers were great for his two positions, and he has no fantasy weakness.

My only concern is his injury history because Rendon only managed 101 Minor League games due to multiple injuries.  However, Rendon’s skills were so advanced that he did not need to be healthy to prove his productivity.  Between age, 2014 production, and potential, Rendon has the chance to be a fantasy superstar for a long time.

2. #21 Robinson Cano Seattle Mariners

Robinson Cano is lower on my list than most because I am just not buying him as a late first rounder out in Seattle.  You can read more here.  From 2009 to 2013, Cano was a top 10 fantasy player at absolute worst because he always had 25+ homers, 100+ runs and/or RBI’s, and a .300+ batting average.  Sadly, Safeco is not nearly as friendly as the short porches and tailwind in New Yankee Stadium.

3. #24 Jose Altuve Houston Astros

I feel like Altuve may have the greatest variance of any player drafted in the first two rounds outside of Bryce Harper.  I could see him going mid-first rounder, but he could easily fall outside the top 20.  For me, I would look to build my team around a premier power bat, elite five category contributor, or a top tier ace.  That is why Jose Altuve was one of my players that I will not draft.

4. #51 Ian Kinsler Detroit Tigers

While Ian Kinsler is no longer the fantasy stud that posted 30-30 seasons in 2009 and 2011, it definitely seemed like his 100/17/92/15/.275 stat line went under the radar.  I have no issue with using a pick in the first five rounds on the veteran at the keystone position because he is a counting stat fiend.  Kinsler is a strong candidate for 100 runs hitting before Miguel Cabrera in a powerful Tigers lineup.

5. #52 Brian Dozier Minnesota Twins

If you have not been reading my articles, then you would not know that I love Brian Dozier because he provides incredible fantasy value across the counting stats spectrum.  He has had two straight excellent seasons, but some people are still drafting Kipnis above Dozier despite the fact that Kipnis was dreadful in 2014.  This article as well as this excerpt highlights one of my favorite fantasy players.

6. #73 Dee Gordon Miami Marlins

Dee Gordon is a tier below Ian Kinsler and Brian Dozier because he lacks their solid floors and safety, but his 2014 performance would be worth more than the 73rd pick.  His 64 stolen bases led the league and his 92 runs were quite a valuable asset as well.  However, Dee Gordon is a terrible hitter, but still posted a .289 BA with his wicked speed.

Gordon drew four walks after the All-Star Break and hits the ball a shorter distance than virtually anyone else in MLB.  However, his position eligibility at second base and near world class speed makes Gordon a better fantasy option than Billy Hamilton.  Plus, he is going cheaper than the Reds’ centerfielder.

7. #83 Neil Walker Pittsburgh Pirates

Neil Walker is the other second baseman that I love in 2015.  Like Brian Dozier, I have spent a lot of time on Neil Walker.  You can read about his power and consistent production here.  Probably the most notable thing here with Walker is that he will go way, way lower than the #83 spot where I ranked him, so you can wait a few rounds after that and still get a great value.

8. #84 Jason Kipnis Cleveland Indians

My rankings are my personal rankings and not the ADP of fantasy draft results, so I would expect Kipnis to be gone by pick #84, which is exactly what I want.  I have no interest in Jason Kipnis unless he freefalls to me because I think a lot of people are counting on a bounce back and will take him in the 60’s, but he is too risky to draft.

9. #92 Kolten Wong St. Louis Cardinals

Kolten Wong’s upside is to join Kinsler and Dozier as tier two second basemen.  For that reason, he is an attractive option, but I rather pay for Dozier two rounds higher.  Nonetheless, Wong is only 24 years old and flashed quality power and speed with 12 HR’s and 20 steals in only 113 games.  You can’t go wrong with Wong.