Winnipeg Jets make the wishes of a 7 year old fan battling leukemia a reality


Alyx Delaloye is a seven year old Winnipeg Jets fan who is currently going through her sixth round of chemotherapy in her battle with leukemia. The Jets then made her one wish so much more.

Last week the Winnipeg Jets took on the Dallas Stars at their home arena, the MTS Centre. Becoming aware of what a big fan Alyx Delaloye is, and her current health situation, the Jets invited her to attend the game. Prior to being given the opportunity, Alyx told her mother that all she really wanted was to be on the “big screen” at the game that night.

During the third period of the game her wish became a reality when she appeared on the Jumbotron holding a sign saying, “Chemo by day, Jets by night”. This immediately set off a chain of events following the game that would inevitably give the little girl the week of her life.

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Following that nights game, Jets center Jim Slater said that he had saw the little girl on the big screen and wanted to give her more than those ten seconds of fame. When approached by the media the following, Slater stated that he went home after the game and wanted to find out who she was, and know more about her story.

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Not only did he want to make it possible for Alyx and her family to attend another Jets game, he also wanted to give her a chance to meet the team. Slater then went on to say, “if we can make her day a little better, a little brighter, that’s a huge thing that us as athletes can do.”

The following week, Alyx and her family were brought back to the MTS Centre, where she was given the chance to meet some of the guys on the team. Upon arriving at the Jets locker room, Alyx and her family were shocked to see the players wearing t-shirts with the Superman logo with Alyx’s name in the center.

During home games, the Jets hand out three autographed souvenir sticks to random fans in the stands. In the post-game ceremony a young Jets fan who was sitting in one of the first few rows was lucky enough to receive one of these sticks. Moments later though, he made his way up the stairs and handed the stick over to Alyx. She later met the young boy who had given her the stick and wrapped her arms around him, thanking him for what he’d done.

So now, not only was Alyx Delaloye’s one wish of being pictured on the Jumbotron fulfilled, she had also gained a once in a lifetime experience thanks to the Winnipeg Jets organization, and the kindness of a young boy.

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