Rocker Alice Cooper creeps up Mike Smith’s hockey mask (Photo)


Arizona’s goalie, Mike Smith, has legendary rock -n- roll menace Alice Cooper painted on his hockey mask for throwback game.

Tomorrow night the Arizona Coyotes will play the Vancouver Canucks in a throwback game. Coyote’s goalie, Mike Smith plans to be a beast in the crease and to remind everyone that when he is on the ice he is ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy.’

This will be done with a one of a kind hockey mask designed by artist David Arrigo. The front of the mask features a coyote with the old Coyotes logo on the sides. The backplate features none other than the heavy metal shock rocker, Alice Cooper, in all of his creepy-eye-gooped glory.  Arrigo thought Cooper was a perfect fit as the singer is an Arizona resident and Coyote’s fan.  “I thought what is more retro than Alice Cooper!”

“For goalies, their personality shows in their helmets,” Smith said, referencing the mask. “It’s something you cherish and can have…that shows the personality that goes along with that team.”

Arrigo who has designed and conceptualized masks for Mike Smith in the past, said it wasn’t easy:

"Smitty was looking for a clean break all around, including the backplate. In contrast, I push as much as possible to have something on the mask that have people look twice. He wanted the Coyotes moon logo vs. I was looking for something more entertaining and had a punch.I thought the image of Alice’s unique look on the backplate would really make this a conversation piece (not to mention I think it would look cool as heck!). For once I got my way! I think it worked out well."

Agreed Dave. Agreed.

To see more of images of Dave Arrigo’s amazing helmet click here.  To learn more about the man they call Alice Cooper, see the amazing trailer for his 2014 documentary Super Duper Alice Cooper below:

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