Fantasy Basketball: Is Rodney Stuckey Worth A Pick Up?


Is Rodney Stuckey Worth A Pick Up?

In case you have been living under a rock lately, the Indiana Pacers are one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now. George Hill has returned and Frank Vogel has the Pacers hitting on all cylinders. In the midst of all this 9-1 record in the last ten games and hype surrounding the return of George Hill and possible return of Paul George, Rodney Stuckey has been playing great basketball.

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We have seen this before from Stuckey. He has gotten hot for the Pacers only to be followed with falling off and finding himself back in waiver wire pools across the country. I believe that Stuckey has with any luck, finally leveled out and settled into a nice routine where he is putting up numbers worthy of being rostered in standard leagues.

Stuckey is averaging nearly 14 points, four assists and four rebounds over the last 5 days with a few extras to go with it. He is finally rounding into health as well and is seeing 28.3 minutes per game over that span. I would go ahead and pick up Stuckey if you are in need of a slight punch on the end of your fantasy bench. Stuckey is a nice source of points and will provide some decent help in assists and rebounds as well. Stuckey is also knocking down 1.2 three-point baskets a game over that time as well.

Sometimes even adding a guy like Stuckey can help you out because it can be a mild form of defense too. There is nothing worse than having someone pick up a guy you should have taken off of the wire a week ago and watch him hurt your team and give you a loss. Most leagues are getting ready to head into the fantasy playoffs this week or the next and a guy like Stuckey can be the added depth needed for teams that make daily and not weekly roster changes.

I always like adding guys from teams that have superstars like Paul George and get scheduled more often with the marquee games on Thursdays. It is nice to get those games in when your average players are not playing. The Pacers, even though Paul George has been out all year still see a few of those kind of games since the schedule was made before Paul George was injured.

Stuckey is not a guy you want as a keeper for your team or a keeper for your dynasty team, but he is a nice depth guy who is worthy of being on most rosters as an end of the bench kind of guy. So go and load up your roster so you can steam roll through your league and take home the fantasy gold. If you have any questions hit us up at the link on Twitter below.

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