Jimmy Butler is not impressed by the Sixers defense


The Chicago Bulls were visiting the Philadelphia 76ers last night, and just like any matchup with the Bulls in March, Chicago is very injured right now. Well this one fan in Philadelphia got the best seats of his life right next to the Bulls bench, and he got to share a few stories. Including this one about Jimmy Butler. (Via NBA Reddit)

"“Within the first few minutes of the game, the Sixers ran a full-court press. Butler absolutely lost his mind and said, “What the fuck? They’re running a full-court press? I’ve never seen that shit in the NBA before. This is why they’re the fuckin Sixers.” He sprinkled one or two n-bombs in there too. It was an absolutely hilarious observation by him. I guess he won’t consider signing as a free agent with us anytime soon :(“"

Well, we always knew the Sixers reputation around the league wasn’t very positive, but Butler being shocked at a full court pres in the NBA is some really damning evidence against what the rest of the NBA might be thinking of Philadelphia.

I wonder what Butler’s thoughts are on Joakim Noah though? I hear Kirk Hinrich doesn’t like him very much.

"“Alright, this is downright hilarious. When the game entered OT, the Bulls really started to pull away with it. For players near the end of the bench it was usually difficult for them to hear Thibs shouting for them to sub in. To help fix this, the players on the bench would shout down to the end and tell that player to check-in. Noah fucked with Hinrich at the end of the game, and lied THREE TIMES that coach called for him to check in. It was hilarious, Kirk fell for it every time.”"

Poor Hinrich…he’s just trying to do his job but Joakim Noah is out there making it hard for him. In overtime no less! Be sure to check out the Reddit post where the fan has some other game night moments featuring pictures of Tom Thibodeau yelling, and a video of Noah trying to apologize to Hinrich after the game.