Will Ferrell, the Seattle Mariner (Photo)

As Will Ferrell tours the Cactus League, his second stop came at second base for the Seattle Mariners

Will Ferrell is taking the field for several MLB clubs in the Cactus League as part of his special that HBO and FunnyorDie are teaming up for.

Over the course of one day, Ferrell will play all nine positions for various teams across Arizona.

His first stint came at shortstop for the Oakland Athletics.

After getting out of the first inning unscathed with the Athletics, Ferrell was then traded to the Seattle Mariners where he played second base for an inning.

The MLB has been all about Will Ferrell and they continue to promote his spring training tour. After he finished with the Mariners, Ferrell headed to Tempe to play for both the Angels and the Cubs.

Ferrell is also reportedly going to play catcher for the Giants and pitch for the Dodgers.

In his short time at second base, Ferrell crouched over and got in position as he anticipated ground balls that may have come his way. He also barked out orders and had fun out there messing with his teammates.

Will Ferrell playing spring training for one team is funny, playing for a bunch of teams and every position is even funnier.

[H/T: MLB]


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