John Madden hated Will Ferrell playing for MLB


John Madden has no sense of humor and totally hated Will Ferrell playing all over MLB spring training on Thursday.

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Apparently there is at least one person out there who did not like comedian Will Ferrell running wild in spring training on Thursday. That person is former Raiders coach and NFL personality John Madden. According to a story by Fox Sports, Madden hated the stunt. Hated it.

"“I hate it,” Madden said. “That’s a lack of respect. That’s a lack of respect for the game and a [lack of] respect for what players have to do to get where they are.”"

The only caveat to Madden’s apparent shocking lack of a sense of humor is that it’s not clear if he knew that Ferrell’s stunt was completely for charity. The hosts of San Francisco’s KCBS morning show, where he made the statement, didn’t tell him at least. So, if you want, you can assume that it’s less horrible because he didn’t know that. Maybe he thought Ferrell was using the MLB for a new movie or something, who knows.

Either way, it doesn’t excuse his lack of a sense of humor. In case you missed it, Ferrell visited spring training on Thursday and played in five games in five different ballparks for 10 teams total while playing all nine positions on the field. He was followed around by HBO and proceeds from the memorabilia were set to go to Cancer for College and Stand Up To Cancer. Reportedly at least $1 million was raised.

He played in the following games:

Mariners at Athletics
Cubs at Angels
Reds at Diamondbacks
Giants at White Sox
Dodgers at Padres

Ferrell started out playing shortstop for the A’s, before being traded to the opposing M’s to play second base. After that, he was on his way to Cubs at Angels to take over for Mike Trout in center field. He then played third base, or third base coach maybe, for the Cubs and took an at-bat before taking over at first base. Next stop was the Diamondbacks, where he played in left before he was off to the Reds. He was DH for the White Sox, catcher for the Giants and pitcher for the Dodgers. His final stop was with the Padres, where he traded in his number 19 jersey for number 20 to honor Tony Gwynn.

Pretty fun stuff. Madden needs to settle down.

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