NFL Rumors: Could New England Patriots sign Greg Hardy?

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The New England Patriots have been a haven for troubled players in the past, which may lead them to signing Greg Hardy this offseason. 

Greg Hardy remains a free agent this summer and remains absolutely toxic. He stands accuse of violently abusing his girlfriend, but some sketchy series of events led to his being let off the hook. Hardy is trying to get back to playing football for a living and there could be one team willing to take a chance on him.

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According to Tom E. Curran of, the New England Patriots might be a destination for Greg Hardy given their cap space and the fact that Bill Belichick likes his redemption projects.

"Corey Dillon. Randy Moss. Aqib Talib. LeGarrette Blount. All of them were deemed to be – at best – more trouble than they were worth. All of them came to the Patriots, played well and whatever waves they ultimately caused (referring to Moss and Dillon here) were ripples in comparison to what was forecast. The return on investment was high."

Of course, the Patriots have had some bad cases that haven’t so much worked out in redemption as it has in tragedy. Aaron Hernandez comes to mind here, and let’s not forget that the allegation against Hardy is that he tossed his girlfriend on a bed full of guns, telling her they were all loaded.

That’s insanely scary, and it’s subhuman. But as unlikable as Bill Belichick is, he has a way of changing guys with problems and Hardy might benefit from ending up in New England as much as Belichick would benefit from having Hardy.

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