Matt Barnes throws James Harden to the ground (Video)


James Harden tried to drive the lane against the LA Clippers on Sunday and Matt Barnes grabbed Harden and threw him to the ground.

There’s something about James Harden and the Houston Rockets playing big games on Sundays that leads to violence. First it was LeBron James and Patrick Beverly getting into a fight two weeks ago and then Harden kicking James right in his mid-section. And this Sunday, we have Matt Barnes throwing Harden to the ground.

James Harden drove the lane, and Matt Barnes didn’t even try to grab the ball. He form-tackle grabbed James Harden’s upper body and just threw the potential NBA MVP to the ground.

Harden has begun to basically piss off the entire NBA due to his constant flopping and overselling of fouls as he leads all NBA players in free throws attempted. Clearly, Matt Barnes is among those who do not “fear the beard” and are not one of Harden’s biggest fans.

The Houston Rockets currently hold the fourth spot in the Western Conference and the Los Angeles Clippers who sit in fifth are just 1.5 games behind and are trying to step into that four-seed. If all stays the same, we should get these two teams for a first round 4th and 5th seed matchup, and if the hostility continues, it should be a fun matchup.

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